Richard Barnes Construction


Wide range of services: from new construction, to remodeling, to restoration of old home or concrete!

More is happening in Carlsbad!  Just keep watching to see the results! 

The new back room is enclosed and ready for siding!  Scroll down below to see the transformation! 

Interior and Exterior remodel.  Watch the progress as the job continues. 

The top photo is the entrance hall and into the kitchen area.  New sewer and water lines had  to be laid first to support the wet bar, and new enlarged kitchen  under the existing floor. 

This was the inside at the start... to the right is the interior progressing! 

New wiring will also have to be installed for the up graded lights and fixtures.  A center isle and counter will be built as well as a wine storage area that will be thermostatically controlled! 

The back room has been removed for a new, improved and larger version! 

Custom driveway colors to choose from to match your home finish.  Unique finishes that will be all your own! 

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